What We Do

∙ Metta Day Program (to reintroduce loving-kindness as a tool for inner healing and conflict transformation at personal, family and at social level)

∙ Buddhist approaches to Conflict Transformations – training programs for Venerable nuns and monks,

∙ Sangha dialogues – Intra religious dialogue program

∙ Community reconciliation model development:

The Rahula- Thangaraja Twin Schools program which is a social healing program that aims to heal divided communities in the north of Sri Lanka through school children

∙ Mindful Children and Teens for social healing

∙ Inter-religious dialogue on Social Healing

∙ Disaster preparedness and community resilience

∙ Healing of Memories programs that support to heal from painful memories of those who directly affected by conflict

∙ Guest lectures and discussions on contemporary issues that relate to the wellbeing of the society