Project 01

Walpola Rahula Institute (WRI) was formed on the foundation of the teachings of Lord Buddha. WRI is facilitating to create a harmonious and just society by developing right knowledge with positive attitudes, spiritual well-being and development of practical aspects of non-violence, which in result would develop critical thinking.

The establishment of the WRI is a result of an approaching mechanism of people in the post war era.  The people were the victims of the conflict physically as well as mentally and it was a requisite in the society, for religious institutes be engaged in healing the minds of the victims. Further, there was number of occasions where hatred forces were emerging which was common in a society in the post war period. WRI is continuously striving to heal the society and to develop the society through the teachings of Lord Buddha.

It is not possible to be a person or organization who accepts any kind of person as well as any social situation. WRI, faces this challenge positively by practicing the “Buddhist Philosophy” while appreciating other religious views.