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Participate at the programmes

WRI conducts  a variety of programmes throughout the year. You can participate as individuals, families or community groups, depending on the scope and scale of the programme. Some programmes expect your attendance in short sessions as and when times permit you, while others may require short to medium term time commitment, over a period of time. You can choose which to take part in depending on your availability and choice.

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Volunteering and internships

Volunteering is another way for you to get involved. Volunteering at WRI is not limited to youth. We believe people come in all shapes, sizes, forms and has a range of skills ranging from administration to cinematography. You can volunteer to conduct sessions, organize sessions and to contribute for the programmes in any means you can. Where it is necessary, we will provide initial guidance and training. WRI environment creates opportunities to learn from volunteering and internships. Volunteering may also open space to emerge new relationships and bonds that help to enhance the lives of volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering your services or internships please let us know by expressing your interest.


Having the base of Buddhist Philosophy, we fulfill financial sustainability of the WRI and its programmes primarily through donations by you.  

“Similar to a butterfly who gets honey from the flower without damaging the colour or beauty of the flower, and to support to get fruits, Buddhist monks should also depend on the public.

This practice is known as “Pinda pathaya” which encourages the people to leave all the conflicts among themselves behind and to focus on common wellness by practicing ‘giving up concept’.


In kind contributions can come in a variety of forms. The list provided below is not exhaustive. If you think of any item, material or resource that can be useful please get in touch with us.

 – Equipment donations for administrative operations of the institute

 – Equipment hire for programmes

 – Venue hire for programmes

 – Transport services

 – Lighting equipment

 – Tenting

If you have means of providing useful in kind contributions please get in touch with us by expressing your interest.

Financial contributions

Once more, there are two ways to contribute if you are interest in supporting us financially. First, is by contributing to the General donation calendar by picking one or several days of the year. A day’s contribution is Rs. 5000/- ; We will try our best to give you the specific date for contribution, that may be meaningful for you in some way (i.e. Birthday, Death anniversary of a loved one etc).

WRI Donation Calendar

General donors are recognised at the monthly metta sitting at the WRI as well as be an automatic recipient/invitee to our variety of programmes and events; Furthermore, they will receive a copy of the “Sathoyodaya” once a year. You can register with us as a donor by completing the Donor Information Form.

The second way to contribute financially, is by picking a specific programme that requires funding. From time to time we will publish funding requirements with outlined programmes. Please look at our ongoing programmes and if you would like to contribute to any one of them, express your interest.