Who We Are

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Our Purpose

To work towards Social healing . Healing of hearts and minds, of generations of Sri Lankans, in various social strata and across and beyond identities received at birth. To this end, we lean on the learnings derived from the Buddhist philosophy. In this process, all stakeholders, will learn, unlearn and relearn with the support of the learning communities.

Our Vision

To support critical discourse and practice supported by Buddha’s teachings to enable a non-violent society that does not discriminate based on a person’s birth, religion, ethnicity, caste, gender or other divisions; a society that gives value to freedom of thought and sees humans as being part of the environment, rather than its owners.

Our Work Aims

To intervene in advancing and uplifting of the minds and attitudes of monks and lay people.

To work in developing spiritual practices for social healing among the members of our society.

To investigate and disseminate new knowledge that helps to develop a healthy, sustainable and inclusive society.

To intervene in emphasizing the need of bringing the Buddha’s message of nonviolence into practice in every arena of the society.